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Intruder Alarms

Security is important to some companies and homes and an absolute necessity for others. AlarmCom uses the latest intrusion detection technology to offer businesses of all sizes, the best burglary protection possible.

At AlarmCom we have two distinct types of intruder alarms.

Type 1: Trap System

A Trap System is the use of doors and motion sensers for protection against intruders.
An opening / closing contact is fitted on each door and motion sensors are fitted stragically throughout the house or business.

Trap System special offer of 6 zones, for example 2 doors and 4 motion sensors or 3 doors and 3 motion sensors.

Price: 750.

Extra sensors can be purchased for the system.

Type 2: Perimeter Protection.

This is fitting a sensor for all doors and accessable windows, Perimeter Protection.

Perimeter Protection special offer for a 10 zone system, for example 2 doors and 8 windows.

Price: 1250

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