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The applications of CCTV

The most common use of Closed Circuit Television is in security systems and such applications as retail shops, banks, casinos, malls, condos, government establishments, home security, etc. The true scope for applications is almost. Some examples are listed below.

Home Security Cameras for monitoring babies
A Television Security Camera System to check the surroundings of a block or a building.
Television Cameras for Quality Control in factories or laboratories
Security Television Cameras for checking parts storage in shops.
Covert Cameras hidden in buses to control vandalism
Cameras for aerial photography from a small airplane or helicopter
Mini cameras or other Television Cameras for production control in a factory.
Closed Circuit Television has many more applications, and they are limited only by your imagination and creativity.
In addition you will find a great array of cameras, either for security or many other possibilities. Hidden cameras, also known as spy cameras or covert cameras are hot items. We have cameras for a variety of purposes and needs, both outdoors and indoors, such as Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Professional Cameras, Monitors, Quads, Multiplexers, Digital Video Recorders (DVRís) Video Transmitters & Receivers.

Buy your home security cameras with confidence. We provide the best available high quality CCTV and home security television, at affordable prices.

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